I offer in-person appointments at your home, anywhere in the boroughs of Lewisham, Greenwich, Bromley or Southwark. We will arrange a time that suits you and your family.


Antenatal (before your baby’s birth)

Whether you know a little or a lot, whether it is your first or fourth; this session can go in any direction you wish to take. You and your concerns will remain at the centre, whilst we discuss physiological and biological norms, what to expect and how to know when infant feeding is going well and what to do if it is not.

Up to 2 hours £150. Book here.


Postnatal (after your baby arrives)

However you are feeding your baby, however you wish to feed your baby. We will focus on your birth, your concerns and your wishes: infant feeding is always more than the transfer of calories from one human to another. I will address any issues and provide you with a strategy to move forward. We’ll stay in contact until you have your confidence restored.

Up to 2 hours £150. Book here.


Perinatal (before and after)

Supporting you in the perinatal period and beyond. Acknowledging your birthing
experience and a sensitive recalibration of theory and reality, now that your baby
is here.

Up to 2 hours antenatal and up to 2 hours postnatal £250. Book here.


Topic based

This is designed to focus on a specific issue relating to your unique situation. Topics could be anything connected to infant feeding, from birth to 3 years (or beyond for those still breastfeeding) such as tongue tie, introducing complementary foods, weaning, returning to work, allergies, feeding and sleep, multiples, tandem feeding or a combination of any of these.

Up to 90 minutes £120 including remote follow up. Book here.


What happens during a session?

Your first visit may take up to 90 minutes and, hopefully, a full feeding will be observed. This is ideal but please don’t distress your baby or yourself by trying to hold off or time feeds for the visit. We can always chat whilst your baby is sleeping or being cuddled.

The aim of the session is to:

Lisa, a lactation consultant has a disposable glove on her right hand and her finger is inside the mouth of a four month old baby who is being held by his mother. They are smiling and in a community library.

A typical session would include the following:

An IBCLC cannot diagnose tongue ties but I can comment on any restriction of the tongue and its possible impact on feeding. If needed, I can recommend tongue tie assessors who can help.

Sometimes I work with parents for a week, sometimes for months. It depends what you need, how those needs change and how effective the strategy remains for you and your family.

"I had been struggling with breastfeeding with my second baby for about one month till I finally found Lisa and the feeding support group. She was the first professional taking my concerns seriously and referred us to the tongue tie clinic.

I honestly believe that her invaluable support saved our breastfeeding journey. I really liked coming back to the group too and chatting with other mums, learning I'm not the only one going through a hard time with feeding. My daughter loved coming to the group too and seeing other babies. I still meet up with some of the mums I met through the group as we live close by.

Today I'm confident and happy feeding my 5-month-old daughter wherever I go and can't thank Lisa and the Village enough for their amazing support."

Free sessions

Lack of access to financial resources will not exclude you from my support. You can see me at the following free sessions.


The Village London Infant Feeding Support Session

Wednesdays, 12.30pm – 2.30pm

Corbett Community Library, Torridon Road, London, SE6 1RQ


Deptford Feeding Group

Thursdays (term time only), 10am – 12pm

The Leander Centre, Ship St, London, SE8 4DH


The Quaggy Breastfeeding Group

Fridays, 12pm – 2pm

Parkside, London, SE10 8GE